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Not-for-Profit Public-Private Partnership 

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ENCLAVE is an Illuminator. Entrepreneurs Take Center-Stage in ENCLAVE’s Spotlight.
  • Conference Rooms 

  • Private Offices 

  • Dedicated Desks in Carrels

  • Open-Seating Co-Working Areas 

  • Showroom and Demo Space 

  • Presentation and Recording Stage 

  • Storage Cabinets and File Drawers 

From $20 per hour (minimum of four hours; total time from set-up to break-down)

From $95 per day to $950 per month

From $35 per day to $350 per month

From $20 per day to $200 per month

From $120 per day to $1,200 per month (minimum of five business days)

From $25 per hour (minimum of four hours; total time from set-up to break-down)

From $5 per day to $50 per month


ENCLAVE O'Hare is a membership organization. For individual members, there is a modest $10 fee per month. For organizations, $25 fee per month for up to three full-time employees. Verifiable government-issued ID is required for ENCLAVE membership, and for use of ENCLAVE facilities.

ENCLAVE's vision, mission, and metrics are based on win-win-plus outcomes. Through ENCLAVE education programs, and while working on ENCLAVE premises, individuals develop a greater sense of their own societal significance. Enlightened through ENCLAVE, more people will participate in supporting entrepreneurship, new jobs will be created, revenue will be generated for participants, tax revenue will increase, and people of all ages and stages will be inspired to consider careers as entrepreneurs.

At ENCLAVE, personalized plans take precedence over business plans. Tens of thousands of exemplary places teach venture planning.

Principal educational content is produced, delivered, and measured through for Entrepreneurs, a multifaceted collaboration of and Morrison Associates Ltd. Fee-based master classes, seminars, panel discussions, workshops, focus groups, funding pitches, product/service showcases, video talks, weekend retreats, town hall meetings, networking gatherings, press/media briefings, and other indoor and outdoor events are offered, all delivered or supervised by ENCLAVE Foundation-vetted subject matter experts.

ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs at O'Hare is a public-private economic development partnership of: (1) Elk Grove Village, Illinois, (2) Elk Grove Village Bank & Trust, a Wintrust Community Bank, Member, FDIC, and (3) ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit economic development education initiative. COMCAST Business is a Founding Sponsor. Many organizations are committed to the optimal impact of ENCLAVE.


ENCLAVE O’Hare is an operating unit of ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs Foundation Inc., which is financially underwritten through membership fees, lease payments, sponsorship, contributions, tuition, commissions on sales of products and services, advertising sales, licensing fees, and other sources of operating revenue. Many types of volunteers contribute time to round-up the local-to-global community-building value of ENCLAVE.


Where Founders are Prioritized Over Plans for their Ventures


Soundness of Judgment | Strength of Relationships | Measurability of Performance

To increase and sustain job-creation, value-formation, and other sustainable socioeconomic strength of neighborhoods and nations, FoundersFirst™ Academy for Entrepreneurs prioritizes and emphasizes mission-critical importance of professional and personal growth and development of venture founders and CEOs.  Among programs and services tailored for founders, CEOs and their support networks, FoundersFirst delivers curriculum-based master classes in highly relevant and often esoteric topics.  


Many entrepreneurship education programs, incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces are being questioned by funding sources, customers and reporters about their negligible return-on-investment (ROI) value in the entrepreneurial support ecosystem.  Nearly all teach mastery of rote mechanics for managing for-profit or not-for-profit ventures.  Most are said to fall short in justifying ROI of their services, and for high failure rates of ventures they support.  There’s much room for improvement.


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