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Introducing Enclave O'Hare

To add to the local-to-global impact of excellent venture incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurship instruction at all levels, non-profit Enclave Learning & Earning Center at Chicago OHare International Airport in Elk Grove Village, IL (“Enclave OHare”) offers individualized developmental and experiential support for job-creating entrepreneurs, other organization builders, and their key influencers: investors, bankers, attorneys, consultants, accountants, and others.

The rise, fall, or stall of any organization are greatly influenced by the overall competence of its leaders.  At Enclave, the No. 1 formula for socioeconomic success requires always prioritizing individuals first, ventures second, and profits third.

To strengthen the world’s economies ꟷ from neighborhoods to nations ꟷ Enclave’s varied programs prioritize lifelong competence development and growth for individuals.  Competence plans are strategically aligned with business plans.

Popular thinking reinforces “the entrepreneurial mindset.”  To better navigate the essentially adaptive journey of an entrepreneur mind, Enclave refocuses attention toward the higher-order thinking of its UnsetMindset™ Model. 

Metapsychology, emotional competence, and self-determination theory (SDT) are brought to life through the ongoing introduction, reintroduction, and practice of metacognition (i.e., thinking deeper, wider, and higher about how we are thinking about our thinking; extra intentional cognition about cognition).  In this metamindful way, each individual participant’s insights, ideas, and innovations are directed to steadily increase in accuracy, quality, quantity, and value.

Coursework, coaching, and other services are designed to enrich the lives of participants and those they lead, and to increase their potential beyond financial gain.  Metastrategic Sales Leadership is an example of thinking tracks offered.  

Work, office, meeting, and event facilities are available to rent within the 15,000 sq. ft. three-level Enclave Building. Accommodations include: auditorium, classroom, board room, international welcome center, podcast recording studio, bookstore and gift shop, showroom, library, reading room, café, recreation room, private dining room, catering kitchen, stress education lab with massage and shower rooms, workspace, offices, and free on-campus parking for 50+ vehicles.

Please write or call for more specific information:

John R. Dallas, Jr., CEO

Enclave Learning & Earning Center

75 Turner Avenue

Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007-3930




@JohnRDallasJr on Twitter

Not-for-Profit Public-Private Partnership 

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Join the Enclave Community

Enclave Learning & Earning Center (Enclave O’Hare) is a not-for-profit socioeconomic development and education initiative. Enclave O'Hare focuses rapt attention and other energy on highly personal ways to support entrepreneurial individuals and their influencers, more so than on supporting the financial growth of their ventures. In all programs and practices, Enclave prioritizes self-awareness above venture-awareness.

People first, ventures second, and profits third.

Why? Venture failure requires deeper thinking, wider perspective, and higher levels of truthfulness about why we humans frequently emerge as root causes. As more nations around the world embrace USA-like job-creating socioeconomic promise of stimulating entrepreneurial activity, vital discussion continues about defensible return-on-investment (ROI) for resources allocated to traditional venture-centric entrepreneurship education.


Leaders, scholars, researchers, analysts, and others register deepening concern about fluctuating engagement among knowledgeable investors, approach-avoidance among Millennials and other generations, and unacceptably high rates of venture failure among graduates of lauded university programs and other exemplary stand-alone entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs).


Enclave seeks to steadily: (1) increase each participating entrepreneur’s overall potential for personal, professional, and financial success, (2) lower the number of career and home-life catastrophes among entrepreneurs, and (3) reduce frequency of household and venture bankruptcies. Yes, it is important, and inherently and unavoidably complicated.


To reverse considerable human and socioeconomic risk associated with entrepreneurs being psychologically, emotionally, and physically unprepared for the inescapable uncertainty, ceaseless change, and expectable pivots of entrepreneurship,


Enclave provides capabilities assessment, educational programs, and professional support. Enclave O’Hare’s elegant, efficient, and energizing work environment is designed and maintained for entrepreneurs and others to remain tightly and comfortably focused on lifelong learning and sustainable earning.


For focusing bright light on the need for individuals to dig deeper, reach wider, and climb higher toward venture-relevant and actionable self- awareness, other-awareness, and world-awareness, Enclave is an illuminator. Here entrepreneurs achieve a more realistic sense-of-self and others.


Toward solid judgment, strong relationships, and superior performance, Enclave brings to light the inescapable need for developing intensely personal levels of competence, persistence, and resilience. Individuals soar to new heights from achieving greater depth of self-awareness, pursuing discovery of obscured obstacles, and amassing substantive reaffirmation of their core societal significance.

Enclave Learning & Earning Center at O'Hare  |  Here leaders land to take off.
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Grand Opening October 2017
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Enclave Class A Facilities

For Enclave O’Hare members, high-value facilities, offered at 75 Turner Avenue, include, yet are not limited to:

  • Conference Rooms 

  • Private Offices 

  • Dedicated Desks in Carrels

  • Open-Seating Co-Working Areas 

  • Pop-Up Showroom and Demo Space 

  • Presentation and Recording Stage 

  • Storage Cabinets and File Drawers 

From $20 per hour (minimum of four hours; total time from set-up to break-down)

From $95 per day to $950 per month

From $35 per day to $350 per month

From $20 per day to $200 per month

From $120 per day to $1,200 per month (minimum of five business days)

From $25 per hour (minimum of four hours; total time from set-up to break-down)

From $5 per day to $50 per month

Located immediately to the west of O’Hare International, North America’s most internationally connected airport

Located approximately 24 miles (38.6243 kilometers) from downtown Chicago, Illinois (via routes I-90 and I-290)

Located in “Beyond Business Friendly” Elk Grove Village, IL, home to the largest business park in the USA

Located for exceptionally straightforward driving convenience from routes I-90, I-290, IL-390, and other highways

Enclave Building has three levels with 15,000 sq. ft. of Class A commercial space; all fully dedicated to Enclave Members and guests.  The building is designed and decorated in ways to facilitate learning; an elegant and comfortable private club type of environment. There are a modern elevator and two wide carpeted stairwells with landing lobbies (in the building’s front and rear). Enclave Building is handicapped accessible, including the six large bathrooms (two on each of three levels).

Lower Level Facilities:

  • Benjamin Franklin Classroom (seats 40+)

  • Studio75™ recording facilities for producing podcasts, videocasts, and other social media-related productions

  • Bushido Room for relaxation and recreation (with Ping-Pong table, HD TV, and other enjoyable amenities)

  • Hunt Club is a private dining room (seats six); mostly used for teaching and practicing essential social skills.

  • Catering Kitchen (seats six)

  • Unplug Room (a coat room with 36 numbered drawers for temporary storage of mobile telephones, keys, etc.)

  • Sharing Shelves and Notice Board for Members Only (lower lobby of the south stairwell)

  • IT server room and contiguous storage room are used for instruction and construction of product prototypes.

  • Five behind-the-scenes equipment rooms and two rooftops used to demonstrate a building’s operating systems

Main Floor Facilities:

  • Reception Desk (and cashier for bookstore and gift shop)

  • International Welcome Center for Entrepreneurs and their Influencers; honoring Clyde O. Bowles, Jr., Esq.

  • Founders Hall (seats 80); normally with auditorium-style seating (tables or open-floor arrangements available)

  • Hamilton Stage with Lectern(s), HD Celling Projector, Recessed HD Projection Screen, Sound System, etc.

  • The Green Room, doubles as a coat room, and for travelers’ luggage storage (useable while under construction).

  • Phone Booth (Room) for extended private mobile telephone conversations (useable while under construction)

  • Ex Libris Library with Member Work Desks (with supplies), literature tables, exhibit space, and other amenities

  • Venture Vault Café for Food and Beverage

  • Book Nook and Gift Galley (bookstore and gift shop featuring offerings from Enclave Members and sponsors)

  • Andrew Carnegie Curiosity Corner (multipurpose showroom, demonstration center, and exhibit space)

  • Enclave Wholeness Center with massage room, changing room, shower room, and health monitoring equipment

  • Art Gallery features permanent and rotating exhibits related to work, or collections, of Enclave Members.

  • Document Processing Resources Room for Members (with high-volume photocopier, printer, office supplies, etc.)

Second Floor Facilities:

  • Mayor Craig B. Johnson Co-Working Space Center (called, “The Johnson Space Center”)

  • The 1776 Board Room (seats 14 at table, with eight more people comfortably along two walls)

  • Collaboration Lab for breakout sessions and teamwork at table (seats 18); honoring Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D.

  • Counseling Room (under construction)

  • Private offices

  • Hospitality pantry


Your Enclave Membership

Grow within a vibrant community of entrepreneurial professionals ꟷ dedicated to lifelong learning and earning.

Facilitated networking events, and additional connections, for the intended win-win-plus advantage of Members.


Interaction with participating companies among the 6,000+ entities located in Elk Grove Village and from elsewhere.


Facilitated communication with many subject matter experts, elected officials, regulators, and other authorities.


Interaction with bright minds involved in advocacy for entrepreneurship education and better business support.


Voice for supporting legislation and considerations related to entrepreneurship and other concerns of businesses.

FREE (as available; building open Monday-Friday 8:45 A.M.-5:45 P.M., with other days and times upon request):



  • Parking on-campus (space available for up to 50 vehicles, with similarly ample street parking also nearby)

  • Long-term free parking for ticketed trips from/to O’Hare International (up to seven days; $20 per day thereafter)

  • Use of Members-Only Desks in The Ex Libris Library on Main Floor (Monday-Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.)

  • Basic desk supplies and equipment (electrical outlets, USB outlets, etc.; laptops not provided)

  • High-speed Wi-Fi connections compliments of COMCAST Business, a Founding Sponsor of Enclave O’Hare

  • Photocopying of black and white copies on white paper (up to 50 free copies per day)

  • Beverages and snacks, with provisional access to the catering kitchen on Lower Level

  • Lending library for business books, compliments of Elk Grove Village Library

  • Bushido Relaxation Room with HD TV, Ping-Pong, reading material, playing cards, and other amusements

  • Routine notification of valuable events and information resources

  • Complimentary professional coaching huddle with one of Enclave’s coaches within the first year of membership

  • Participation in instructive surveys, polls, and interviews; with results shared for most Enclave surveys

  • Advance notification of availability of Enclave’s Live from Studio75™ podcasts on iTunes and other platforms

  • On-campus and online information resources, plus access to accommodations of nearby Elk Grove Village Library

  • Leads, through high schools and colleges, to prospective interns, apprentices, and part-time or full-time employees

  • Introductions and referrals to prospective volunteer mentors, and to decision-makers for testing appeal of ideas

Modest Fees are Charged for Services, Products, and Rental Space (as available):

  • Dedicated co-working desk space (starting at $35 per day; $350 per month)

  • Private executive offices, large enough for one or several individuals (starting at $95 per day; $950 per month)

  • Conference rooms (starting at $80 for up to four hours in 1776 Board Room and slightly higher for larger spaces)

  • Classrooms  (complexity of room set-up requirements influences modest fees)

  • Professionally facilitated use of Studio75™ for audio recording, podcasts, videocasts, or other production

  • Assessment tools required for competence development curricula during classes, workshops, and other learning

  • Coursework designed by Founder1st™ Academy, Hillview Partners, and other content producers

  • Masterclasses, workshops, seminars, symposia, summits, panel discussions, retreats, and off-campus field trips

  • Professional coaching, counseling, facilitated peer support, private instruction, and tutoring

  • Medical vital signs monitoring by third-party Providing Partners

  • Wellness Center visits for massage therapy, nutrition guidance, high-tech shower with a steam feature, and more

  • Rental of Enclave’s or a third-party’s laptops, monitors, or audio-video equipment for meetings or other events

  • Color inkjet photocopies (15 cents per page); FedEx Office is nearby (one mile away) for large copying jobs

  • Proofreading of executive summaries, proposals, PowerPoint decks, biographical sketches, and other documents

  • Diagnostic review of web site(s), social media presence, marketing plans, and other initiatives         

  • And much, much more . . .

Dedicated Desks and Support

Coaching and Telehuddles™

Local-to-Global Community of

Entrepreneurial Individuals 

High-Speed Wi-Fi from Comcast Business, a Founding Sponsor

Call for Membership Information

Frequent In-Person and Virtual Gatherings

Data on a Touch Pad

Connect with Enclave

Enclave Learning & Earning Center for Entrepreneurs at O'Hare

(Known as "Enclave O'Hare")

 75 Turner Avenue

Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007-3930

312.643.8000  |  johnrdallasjr@enclaveforentrepreneurs.com


Enclave Events Calendar


Where Organization Builders are Prioritized Over the Plans for their Ventures


Soundness of Judgment | Strength of Relationships | Measurability of Performance

To increase and sustain job-creation, value-formation, and other sustainable socioeconomic strength of neighborhoods and nations, Enclave Academy for Entrepreneurs prioritizes and emphasizes mission-critical importance of professional and personal growth and development of venture founders and CEOs.  Among programs and services tailored for founders, CEOs, and their support networks, Enclave Academy delivers curriculum-based master classes in highly relevant and often esoteric topics.  


Many entrepreneurship education programs, incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces are being questioned by funding sources, customers and reporters about their negligible return-on-investment (ROI) value in the entrepreneurial support ecosystem.  Nearly all teach mastery of rote mechanics for managing for-profit or not-for-profit ventures.  Most are said to fall short in justifying ROI of their services, and for high failure rates of ventures they support.  There’s much room for improvement.  Enclave Academy supports and enriches the local-to-global impact of the truly excellent venture incubators and accelerators, and classroom instruction in entrepreneurship at all levels of education.

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