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Enclave Academy

Since 2017, Enclave Academy is a not-for-profit professional strengths development initiative for entrepreneurs and other leaders.  Its learning-by-doing focus is on psychology-based experience with venture-critical mindsets and thinking skills, and risks of cognitive biases.

To significantly improve best-effort thinking (BET) involved in decision-making, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other criteria for success, the Academy introduces, explores, and reinforces definitions, descriptions, and practices of metacognition (i.e., routinely and strategically thinking about one’s own thinking to increase the value of outcomes).

Within the context of thinking about how (n.b., not what) participants are thinking, Enclave Academy presents state-of-the-thought lessons about innovation, money, law, regulatory compliance, dealmaking, negotiation, human resources, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, technology, cybersecurity,  and other timely and timeless topics. 

At least once each month, Enclave Academy invites and supports individuals to pause for 90 minutes or longer to focus on the vitality of lifelong learning about the art and science of ever-better thinking.  To workplaces, meeting venues, and online, Enclave Academy brings its immediately valuable higher-order thinking mission, methods, and messages.   

Illuminating the rarely explored value of learning how to toggle between a transactional mindset and a transformational mindset, Enclave Academy centers its curricula around metacognition — i.e., thinking about the situational adaptability of one’s own best-effort thinking (BET).

Pre-Decision Metacognition (PDM) significantly improves outcomes.

Metathinking (i.e., turbocharged metacognition) is at the energizing core of the Academy’s transformative learning model.

From for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all types and stages, curious-and-ready minds come to learn various ways of thoroughly thinking through initiative-relevant topics — many of which are venture-critical for success. 

The combination of first principles thinking within a growth mindset is prioritized by Enclave Academy.

Specific blind spots in thinking — i.e., cognitive biases — are named and flagged if suspected.  Certain science and art of thinking require rapt attention.

As a Thinking Propulsion™ Lab, the Academy is also called a School of Think™ ꟷ not a superimposed “school of thought.”  With psychology-based coursework, coaching, and collaboration,  the Academy enriches metacognitive strengths.

Participants are encouraged to “name” their thinking skills as one is encouraged by psychologists to name emotions and other factors.

The Thinking Multiplied Model (TXX) blends cognitive basics: Think (TX1), Think Twice (TX2), Think Things Through (TX3), Think Things Through Thoroughly (TX4), and Think Things Through Thoroughly Together (TX5).

For additional information, terms, and conditions, please contact John Dallas, Enclave Academy's CEO.  Call or text 312.415.2222 or write to johnrdallasjr@enclaveforentrepreneurs.com.

Thank you for thinking about and with Enclave Academy.   


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