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Bring more of your mind to the bottom line.


Enclave Academy (EA) is a not-for-profit membership community for lifelong collaborative learning. To improve key outcomes at work, home, and everywhere the quality of thinking matters, curious entrepreneurs and other leaders gather with the Academy to continually strengthen decision-making skills and to learn a wider array of additional reasoning abilities. EA facilitates empirical lessons in business-building metacognition, which includes “mind settings,” thinking methods, and other results-driven basics of empirical nonclinical behavioral psychology.


ThinkToThink™ is EA’s core archetype for metacognition (i.e., routinely rethinking one’s thinking practices).


To develop Best-Effort Thinking (BET) capabilities, EA specializes in proprietary and curated coursework, coaching, and collaboration. Since 2017, the Academy’s immediate-impact high-value programs include exploring cognitive distortions, biases, well-being, and mental health challenges known to occur among frontline leaders.


EA’s Pre-Decision Metacognition™ (PDM) Model improves cognitive and contributory performance. Enclave Academy’s Stacked Thinking™ Construct (STC) ignites “rethinking’s thinking” for success with PDM.


Aligning business plans with competence development requirements for individuals, the Academy facilitates introductions and related real-world insights about innovation, money, law, regulatory compliance, dealmaking, negotiation, human flourishing, human resources, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, technology, cybersecurity, diversity, and other timely and timeless topics and current issues.


Tethered Thinking™ is introduced as an alternative to “tortured thinking.” Alert-and-oriented to anomalies, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (ASWOT) of artificial intelligence (AI), Enclave Academy delivers insights with its exceptionally valuable Metacognition Mission’s “learning and earning” methods and messages.


For terms and conditions for Academy membership, opportunities for sponsorship, and information about EA’s Speakers Bureau and other collaborative learning resources, you are encouraged to contact John R. Dallas, Jr., Chief Enlightenment Officer (CEO): and/or 312.415.2222.  Thank you.

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Bring more of your mind to the bottom line.

Enclave Academy

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Grand Opening October 2017
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Enclave Academy

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