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Enclave Academy


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Bring more of your mind to the bottom line.


Strengthening human thinking

skills for an artificial thinking (AI) world. 


Enclave Academy (EA) is an inclusive not-for-profit membership community for collaborative microlearning in immediately actionable revenue-generating and business-building behavioral psychology. We think, grow, and earn together.

To improve various types of cognitive outcomes at work, home, and everywhere else the reliability of thinking matters, curious entrepreneurs and other leaders—of any mature age or venture stage—gather with the Academy to continually bolster their vital decision-making abilities, and to learn a wider array of core competencies to sharpen their adaptive rethinking and reasoning skills.

EA facilitates a steady stream of nonclinical empirical lessons in metacognition, i.e., one’s tight focus on rethinking choices among learned thinking options. The Academy’s programs for learning optimal mental models include mindsets within which to rethink, thinking methods among which to choose, cognitive biases for which to be on alert, and other nonclinical behavioral psychology.

For developing and mastering Best-Effort Thinking (“BET”), EA innovatively delivers proprietary and curated coursework, coaching, and collaboration. The Academy’s immediate-impact and high-value BET Curriculum illuminates and mitigates cognitive distortions, biases, well-being chasms, and mental health challenges known to menacingly-to-dangerously affect lives of busy leaders.

ThinkToThink™ is the Academy’s principal metacognitive archetype for learning and remembering to Think Things Through Thoroughly Together (“5T”). Members value EA’s ThinkToThink™ Masterclasses, CohortToCadre™ Team Workshops, BizPsych101+™ Executive Briefings, Yieldtrip™ Retreats, individual and “team coaching” huddles, Telehuddle™ Online Coaching, Cognitive Culture Development, Human-AI Co-Generative Models, EA Rethinking Partnerships (for planning and projects), Enclave Academy Faculty Speakers Bureau, and more


For eligibility, terms, and conditions for Academy membership, opportunities for sponsorship, information about EA’s Speakers Bureau, guest passes, and other microlearning resources, you are encouraged to contact John Dallas.


Aligning business plans with competence development requirements for individuals, the Academy facilitates introductions and related real-world insights about innovation, money, law, regulatory compliance, dealmaking, negotiation, human flourishing, human resources, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, technology, cybersecurity, diversity, and other timely and timeless topics and current issues.


Tethered Thinking™ is introduced as an alternative to “tortured thinking.” Alert-and-oriented to anomalies, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (ASWOT) of artificial intelligence (AI), Enclave Academy delivers insights with its exceptionally valuable Metacognition Mission’s “learning and earning” methods and messages.


For terms and conditions for Academy membership, opportunities for sponsorship, and information about EA’s Speakers Bureau and other collaborative learning resources, you are encouraged to contact John R. Dallas, Jr., Chief Enlightenment Officer (CEO): and/or 312.415.2222.

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Bring more of your mind to the bottom line.

Enclave Academy

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