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Enclave Academy


Thinking Skills, Mindsets, and More for

Entrepreneurs and Other Curious Leaders


Bring more of your mind to the bottom line.™

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Bring more of your mind to the bottom line.

Enclave Academy

For entrepreneurs and other leaders, Enclave Academy is a not-for-profit collaborative education initiative.  Its psychology-based core focus is to build and strengthen thinking skills and mindsets and develop vigilance toward risks of cognitive traps (e.g., biases).


Always within the context of thinking about how ꟷ not necessarily what ꟷ participants are thinking, Enclave Academy presents empirical lessons and insights about innovation, money, law, regulatory compliance, dealmaking, negotiation, human resources, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, technology, cybersecurity, and other timely and timeless topics.


To significantly improve results of best-effort thinking (BET) involved in decision-making, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other criteria for personal and professional success, the Academy introduces, explores, and reinforces definitions, descriptions, and practices of metacognition (i.e., routinely and strategically thinking about one’s own thinking to increase the value of outcomes).


Enclave Academy is a Thinking Propulsion™ Lab. It is a School of Think™ ꟷ not a specific or superimposed “school of thought.”  With its methodological coursework, coaching, and collaboration, the Academy enriches the metacognitive strengths of participants.


Metathinking (i.e., turbocharged metacognition) is at the energizing core of the Academy’s transformative learning model. Illuminating rarely explored value of learning and practicing how to toggle between and among transactional and transformational thinking skills and mindsets, the Academy centers its curricula around situational adaptability of one’s own best-effort thinking (BET).


The Academy’s Pre-Decision Metacognition™ (PDM) Model significantly improves outcomes. With these five easily memorizable fundamentals, the Thinking Multiplied Model™ (TXX) automatically ignites early-stage metacognition for PDM:


Think (TX1), Think Twice (TX2), Think Things Through (TX3), Think Things Through Thoroughly (TX4), and Think Things Through Thoroughly Together (TX5).


As a high-impact exercise in TXX, please pause to re-read several times the preceding sentence.  Already you are thinking about ways to improve outcomes from your thinking. The five TXX steps above will immediately do more for you than stay with your mind.


From for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all types and stages, curious-and-ready minds fully engage to learn and practice various ways of thoroughly thinking through initiative-relevant topics — many of which are venture-critical for sustainable success.


Beyond its campus to workplaces, meeting venues, and online, Enclave Academy will bring to you and your teams its exceptionally valuable higher-order thinking mission, methods, and messages.


For additional information, terms, and conditions, please contact John Dallas, Enclave Academy's CEO.  Call or text 312.415.2222 or write to


Thank you for thinking things through thoroughly with Enclave Academy.



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